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Friday, November 20, 2009

Random Friday

* Look for part 3 of Learning as I Go tomorrow.

* I miss the time when I posted a blog every day.

* One of my biggest pet peeves as a freelanceer who specializes in writing about health is editors who say they need doctors to write their articles. I don't want a writer operating on my wrist to fix my carpel tunnel syndrome. Sure, the writer will understand how I got it. But even if he's written about the operation, he/she still won't know how to do it. Why do editors think doctors know how to write?

* I know there are some doctors who can write well. I've edited their work. But it's because they are also writers, not because they are doctors.

* So those particular writers, if they're good surgeons too, could operate on my wrist.

* The last few weeks, I've been cleaning up some awful prose messes created by docs.

* Check out Bel's (aka Mommy's Nintendo) blog. She's writing about her spiritual journey.

* All my friends in Blogland: I'm coming back. I'm going to be catching up on your posts. They better be good ;0) (I know they will be).

* I'm out of aquamarine blue. I need a trip to the art supply house tomorrow.

Things I'm surprised I didn't say:

* Tomorrow is the Ohio State Michigan game.

* Fantastic basketball game on tonight between Syracuse and North Carolina. Kind of glad Ohio State lost their game against NC last night or they would be playing Syracuse tonight.

* There must be a poem somewhere in all of this.


  1. I think I'd want a physician or researcher at least checking a health article for accuracy, but a writer (medically trained or not) actually writing it. But have you read any New Yorker health articles by Atul Gawande or Jerome Groupman? Also books by Oliver Sacks or Frank Vertocik. All of them are phyicians who are also faboulous writers and can discuss the issues in a very first-hand way.

  2. When I was in grad school (1995-96), I worked part-time for a surgeon who was also a writer. Interesting guy.

    I hope you are well, Grandpa.

    Can't wait to read the poem.

  3. If you scramble the words of the post properly the poem will reveal itself

    PS: fridays suck

  4. I agree that brilliant in the OR doesn't necessarily make you brilliant at the keyboard or with pen and paper.