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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I apologize in advance to all people who grt annoyed by filling out the word verification for making comments. I took it off because Braja said she would refuse to send me any more comments if I left it on. Since I took it off I have received multiple daily "comments"such as the following.
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I was receiving them constantly after removing the word verification the first time. That's why I readded it. That's why I'm adding it again. If you don't want to comment, just know I'll miss hearing from you.


  1. I see you are already moderating your comments. You are doing both and I always shake my head when folks do. Why both? Just saying again. :)

  2. Sorry Sandee. I accudenrtily xdeleted your first comment. I may turn off the moderation after about a eek to make sure the verification works properly. I did both originally because I didn't trust the verification worked (plus I got a couple of comments that got posted that were obviously from real people with ulterior motives. Anyway, You have a great day too.

  3. Blogger finds those ones for me and dumps them in a separate folder without posting them to my blog.

  4. I never mind a little word ver... sometimes they're even sort of poetically amusing.