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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why I removed 12 posts

This morning I removed 12 posts, each of which contained a poem that hasn't been published somewhere else. I've appreciated the reponses I've gotten to poems that are still drafts. But more and more journals consider poems posted on the poet's blog as already published. Consequently, they're ineligible for inclusion in the journal, which aquires first rights. I'll still blog about poetry. I just can't afford to limit the market for my work.


  1. Ahh.....I'll wait for the journals, then :)

  2. That is unfortunate, I think, since technically the poet has "first rights" to his or her poem and should be able to self-publish without losing anything.

    My considered opinion...

  3. Why you are leaving Blogspot?

    1. Because I have a much better deal at Word Press. Check out my New Word Mechanic Blog at joesaling.com