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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Common Errors in English -- Worth a Bookmark

In my post yesterday I put a link to a list of common errors in English. Since then, I've spent a little more time looking around the site. It was created by Paul Brians, a retired professor of English literature and has had over 10 million visitors since 1997. It's been widely noted and has won awards and recommendations from multiple agencies including Writer's Digest, BBC ONLINE, and Dictionary.com. (I only found it myself yesterday. Where have I been?)

At the top of the list of errors is a search engine that is very useful for finding a particular phrase, and I would recommend doing a search rather than scrolling through the list if you want to check a specific usage. At the bottom of the list of errors you will find a link to other pages with discussion of typical comments he gets, or phrases that aren't wrong, or background information, or additional errors, and more. On that page, Professor Brians asks that if someone creates a link to his site to please link to the home page. So here is the link to the Common Errors in English home page.

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  1. Oh my, I always get embarassed when someone is an editor or writer etc and then reads my blog. My mother is an historian and author and even though I am now in my 40s (just do not act it)I panic if she reads my work. So I think I will learn some things from your blog. Thanks so much for adding me to your list. I will do the same.