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Monday, September 8, 2008

Would you buy a used car from these people?

I got an email this morning from a company called Books4mobiles.com. They said they wanted to publish my books on their Web site for free. Then they would sell the books to people who want to read it on their mobile phone and I would get a 40% royalty. Here's a blurb from the email:

"This exciting new website allows you the valuable opportunity to sell your books with ease. We do all the work and you recieve a new income stream direct to your pocket."

So I went to take a look at the Web site. I took these quotes at random from multiple pages where they were telling me about this great opportunity:

  • Million of people have a mobile phones, why carry your favourite book,when you can read the book on your mobile phone.
  • When submitting your work for publishing either for the mobile phone or print, they are a few checks to be done.
  • The cost of publishing your work costs is Free.
  • Please contact of sales team if you are interest.

To be fair, they said the books that people submit need to be free of grammatical errors because they do not have a service that can check grammar.

Did you say Books4mobiles? Or was it Books4illiterates? Either way, please keep your stream out of my pocket.


  1. Everything looks great to me with there service, just joined them.

    I have been speaking to them by email, very helpful.

    Publishers charge to sell our work. This company doesnt charge a thing, what wrong with that.

    You are being to critical of something which is new and different. I think its a brillant idea.

  2. Nothing wrong with there service.

    Good on them for trying something different.

    new york

  3. I still say buyer beware. And if you're paying a publisher to sell your work, you've got the wrong publisher.