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Monday, October 27, 2008

Another sign of the time

Maybe it's because I don't get my nails done. But there's something about this sign I saw outside a nail salon in one of our neighborhood strip malls (or as they're called now, outdoor malls) that seems to make it fall short of the desired advertising effect:

"The cleanest salon in town"

Is that really a problem?


  1. Well, it's a problem if things aren't sanitary. I get my nails done and I won't go into a dirty place. You can get all kinds of problems if you aren't careful. I'll admit this sign would get me in the store however. Have a great day. :)

  2. There is a sign I have seen off of 101, near Raymond, NH. Mice for food or pets. I wonder if there is an exit poll on what the intended use of your mice will be?

    Peace - Rene

  3. Oh my, that would turn me off. The fact that someone has to advertise the fact that they are the cleanest salon n town may make me think they are hiding something.
    Then again I do my own nails....

  4. Our nephew used to keep a monitor lizard in a cage in his room and would feed it live mice. S witnessed it one day years ago and still can't get the image out of her head. Thanks Sandee, Rene, Lilly. I learn something new every day.

  5. Yikes, it seems as though cleanliness should be standard in that field.