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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Horses and words

I don't know anything about showing horses, and I've only ridden maybe twice, maybe three times in my life. But I found a fascinating blog this morning that I think is worth the visit. It's called Behind the Bit, and it's written by Stacey Kimmel-Smith.

I like reading people who use the language well.


  1. Thank you so much! I love words but my reach exceeds my grasp sometimes--mispronouncing, misusing occasionally, esp. in conversation. I work at a university where people catch it and tease you and you feel like an ass. Oh well.

    I love horses so that's what I write about, but it means a lot to hear someone in publishing/writing offer a few kind words. You totally made my day.

  2. Welcome, Stacey. I really enjoyed reading your blog and am looking forward to learning from it.

  3. I can't access this blog right now, because Blogger has been in and out of service all day.

    Thanks for another great link, Grandpa. I'm sure it is a great blog.

  4. Thnaks for the link Grandpa - I love horses!