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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Worth a Visit

Joy at Babble on (another wonderful name for a blog) posted a poem by Taylor Mali that's well worth the read, as is the poet's comments that she posted with it.

I need to bring back "Today's Spotlight." I just haven't had time to do it on a regular basis. But Joy's post would have been in the spotlight if I were doing it.

Oh, I was also a guest poet today on Mommy's Nintendo's The Itsy Bitsy Monkey blog. It was fun to be part of her National Poetry Month Challenge. And if you go there, spend some time looking back at the poems she's posted throughout the month. Also, I would highly recommend making the time to look at the blogs of the other poets who joined her in the challenge. She has links to their sites as part of her posts.


  1. Thanks for the honorary "spotlight" and kind words. I appreciate it. That poem sums up my feelings about teaching and what I wish I could have said to some people.

    I'll go check out the other blog you mentioned.

  2. You are bringing poetry "back."
    You ARE the Grandpa ;-)