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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My latest publication is now on line

"Captain Lee" [click here] is now live on line at The Chimera, Issue 6. It's a sonnet sequence and was included as part of their "Feature Theme: poems in well-wrought form." It's the only sonnet sequence in the group.

I hope you spend some time with the e-zine reading the other poetry there as well as mine and then come back and let me know what you think. And I'll be happy to answer any questions about "Captain Lee," that you leave in the comments. It may take a couple of days, though. Our phones aren't working and neither is the DSL, and God Bless AT&T who can't tell me what's wrong or when they'll be fixed -- or even let me talk to a real person instead of their computer.


  1. I have a terrible time understanding poetry. My literature teacher in college said I was too logical in my thought process. I'm sure she was right. So, I had to read your piece twice. Okay, perhaps I need to read it again. All I am sure about is Lee isn't the one with the problem. Outside of that? I dunno.

    I hope you get your computer issues straightened out very soon.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Congrats on your poetical accomplishments...enjoy the waning Summer, friend.
    Comfort Spiral

  3. Wow..And I could hear my father saying so much of what Uncle said to Lee...to me...drifting daughter

    "The man who learns
    Is not the one who quits and idly yearns
    For things others say he’s no right to claim.
    All that comes from quitting’s feeling shame"

    Except for his parents there is a lot of me in Lee!

    Peace - Rene

  4. Congrats for your excelnt work! great job you done there. Any problems with computers let me know I might help, cause that is my expertise and how I earn my living.
    Take care

  5. Congratulations, GP. Nice work. The sonnet form is not so easy to write. Now it needs to be set to music!