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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Writing is the hardest thing I do. It's unfortunate that it's how I make my living.

On a more positive note. Tomorrow starts National Poetry Month. Check Mommy's Nintendo's challenge at The Itsy Bitsy Monkey. Even if you don't take her up on it, it's well worth watching her do it. I followed her last year through the whole month and quite frankly was amazed.


  1. Oh grand master wordsmith, you always inspire me when you share how hard you work on your writing.

  2. Writing is indeed an art. I'll have to give Mommy's Nintendo's challenge a look see.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Okay Grandpa, I will try to play along with the stipulations that I stated on her blog page.

  4. Glads to see you, Grandpa. thanks for da tip! I wrote an interesting tidbit about Nintendo on my post "Hana - What" on Tuesday.

    Hope we see more of your poems and observations soon. Howz da puppy?!

  5. Unfortunate? A lot of us would love to earn our livings writing! But then maybe that's a romantic view of a hard grinding job. Happens. The blog, though, never fails to interest and entertain. Much gratitude for that.

  6. Are you hardly working now? ;-)