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Friday, May 1, 2009

Morris Dancing (May Day 2009)

The morning and the evening glimmer.
Heaven turns and the earth's heart swells.
Dancers in their ribbons shimmer.
Peepers sound like Morris bells.

These people have their drums and horns.
They have their song and watchers' eyes.
Callers tell them of their forms.
And with their simple faith in earth and sky

The dancers' feet repeat the sounds
Of new life stirrings underground
And with their steps and song awaken
Ancient legends the world's forsaken.

They dance for Demeter's cyclic plight,
And the earth responds with green delight.

Originally published in A Matter of Mind, Foothills Publishing, 2004.
© copyright 2004, 2009 the Grandpa at The Word Mechanic Blog.
All rights reserved.


  1. didn't take you long to pen some new stuff-awesome, very lovely :-)

  2. Your poetry is wonderful Grandpa...i love it.

    Check my site Sunday for a link that will interest you :) Actually Saturday night in the US...

  3. I enjoyed this one especially in you sweet little volume!
    Thanks again! Aloha