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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

John Updike 1932-2009

The world is a better place for his having been a part of it. He will be missed.

His knees trembled, as if after an arduous climb. He had made it, he was here, in Heaven. Now what? ("Bech Enters Heaven" in Bech: A Book , 1970)


  1. Your post was the first I heard. What a loss.

  2. I was wondering what your thoughts on "minimalist writing" are.

  3. Hi, Rab. It is a true loss.

    Hey, KMcJ. What I believe in is precision without losing the freedom, the ability, or the desire to explore the infinite possibilities of language.

  4. I didn't know either until I came here. Great writer...

  5. I was very upset by this news. He is one of my favorite American authors . . . although I probably shouldn't have read Couples when I was a young teen. :)