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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Who is this guy More?

First of all, thanks to everybody who responded to my post yesterday and for the positive thoughts. I'm not really worried financially about the contract coming to an end. I mean everyone covets wants more money. But I don't really need the money I'm making from this contract. And, I just took on a new project that pays quite a bit more so I may not even notice the difference. But there are some things that bother me.
  • This is a job I've been doing for more than 12 years. (I know. Let it go, Grandpa.) And I'm going to miss it.
  • There are more people than me involved. I have a whole slew of writers and another editor who have been involved in this particular publication. A number of the writers have won awards -- several, more than one -- for the material that they published in this publication.
  • The decision to shut down the publication is being made by someone in this very large publishing corporation who basically didn't even know the publication existed before it came time to renew the contract. (In all fairness the official decision hasn't been made yet. And I did survive a similar situation several years ago.)
  • I got the heads up in an email sent long after I would ordinarily be in my office from someone I thought I had the kind of relationship with that would have earned me the courtesy of a phone call.

I just now decided it doesn't really feel good to bitch in public. (I'll keep bitching to S. That's part of our contract. I have to listen to her and she has to listen to me.) I am sorry about my writers maybe having to find other outlets in this very specialized market. But they'll do all right. They've won awards.

So, who is this guy More. That's what ...45 and aspiring asked me (She also said, "Poor b*st*rd sure has a lot of articles written about him.") when she sent me a link to an article with this headline:

More May Benefit From Cholesterol Drugs

Study Shows More Would Qualify for Statin Treatment if Levels of C-Reactive Protein Are Considered


  1. Yes, he's an unfortunate chap. I just read this: "For Displaced People of Sudan, Winter Means More Suffering." Poor guy: I mean, how many of us can say that when one country experiences something, we're the ones who suffer?

  2. Your "bitching" is a clinic (intro to what freelance really is) so keep bitching. We like you. bitch away (and keep teaching us, G)
    Aloha & Mahalo, Brahddah

  3. "Obama Aides Offer More Assurances on Bailout Money"

    Apparently the upcoming administration is somewhat concerned about his emotional well-being...

  4. Hey, Braja. I think we can learn something about empathy from Mr. More. He may even be an empath. ;-)

    Mahalo, Cloudia. You make me smile. Aloha, my friend.

  5. Hi, MN. I wonder if More will be getting a bonus as well.

  6. Bitch all you like, as far as I'm concerned. I love the way you string words together, no matter what words they be :)

  7. Why thank you, Gran. Your comment was the first thing I looked at on my computer this morning. It made me smile. :-)