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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Bather

(Exodus 2.5)

unmilked breasts glisten
delicate oil-coated skin
the daughter of kings

the noon sun dances
from shoulder to gold-chained neck
as girls wrap her hair

take away her robe
watch her glide to the river
and bathe in waters

satiate with death
a basket hidden near shore
is best left unfound

Originally published in The Columbus Dispatch, 1980.
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All rights reserved

This poem appeared in the same article in the Dispatch that Zipporah did.


  1. I was thinking "hmmm" this sounds like it has something to do with Moses, and then I went to click on "Commment" and saw Moses just below. So I am hoping this poem is about Moses in the basket.

    Do you watch Jeopardy? It just seems to me, that it is a show you would watch. I record it on my DVR so I can watch it at night. I think it is a good idea to challenge my brain as much as possible.

    I also get a funny feeling that you would like the diary of Professor Humperdink III website. The link is on my website. Some pretty interesting stories there and I like the "words" that are used.

    Thank you for "following" my blog.

  2. This is so wonderful. It's very mysterious and cryptic to me. I like it. It's so deep.

  3. Grandpa, you were in a Biblical mode in 1980. This one is beautiful. What a change of events, had she not found that basket!

  4. Beautiful.

    I was thinking "Where's Your Moses Now?" after I read this.

    I like the way you paint a picture with your words.

    Peace - Rene

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  6. That was oddly beautiful, wasn't it?!

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  8. Nicee..
    I liked this beauty. Keep it up Gramps.
    I'll visit u again.
    AB :-)