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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Further proof the matrix does exist

As an editor I hesitate to post this without sending it through fact checking first. But what the hey...


  1. That was amazing. My son is in college and he's friends with a guy from India. The kid says that the competition to get into college is so fierce that all kids are over achievers. You need to get perfect grades to get into and remain in college. So, this video makes sense to me.

    What does it mean? It's going to double and triple faster and faster. That's what it means.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. I used to be panicked.
    Now I just want to enjoy the ride!
    The bedrock things, and flexibility, are the treasures of today . . . . Aloa-

  3. Cool! I hope to live long enough to have a computer like Scotty from Star Trek--voice activated!

  4. Very scary. Overwhelming, actually.

    I don't know what it all means though. Is it good or bad? Probably not good...

  5. interesting good reason to fund education

    I think it shows some twisting of statistics. I don't agree with the unless info in college. New info is built on older info. Discoveries expand the amount of knowledge not replace it.

    Still a good clip.

    you might like this matrix type clip
    who needs digital CGI