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Monday, February 16, 2009

Just two quick things

My daughter, who just became a UU and is on the edge of vegan, was here with our lovely granddaughters and son-in-law this past weekend. (the son-in-law has his lovely side too.) And she likes to cook for us when she comes. So this past weekend she made spaghetti with a vegan bolognese sauce (vegetable stock) made from scratch with meat.

We have a puppy trainer who comes to the house once a week to help us train our very intelligent puppy. Yesterday, she taught her "leave it." I wasn't sure when I watched that it worked. It seemed she was more interested in the treat reward than in actually learning not to do something. But today, she has spent a lot of time looking for things to chew she knows she's not supposed to, and then looking up at me to see if I'll say "leave it. Good, puppy. Here's a reward." I think she's bought the trainer.


  1. Glad you got to see your daughter, the sweet sided son-in-law, but most importantly the granddaughters.

    The puppy indeed bought the trainer. And you too.

    Have a terrific day Grandpa. :)

  2. Still hostage, huh? :) Love it :)

    And you're getting a shoutout in about 30 mins my friend....:)

  3. Hi, Willow. UU means Unitarian Universalist. I've told her for years that's what she is. Then she went to one service and joined the next week.

  4. Thank you, Braja. And you are absolutely right about Shannon's post.

    Hi, Sandee. I guess I have been bought. (My daughter too. She calls Yeats her little sister).

    Don't worry, J. I've got my eyes open for other signs.

  5. Grandpa, I'm lost how does this post connect to Yeats and what is a UU? Also how can you make vege anything with meat...Perplexed at Oasis :-) Did I come in at the end of a conversation? <3

  6. Actually, that kind of training works on me, too.

    Just sayin'.