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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gray Sonoma Morning

waiting to eat a second breakfast
with my granddaughter
it's overcast, not the typical fog
that rolls in from the ocean overnight
and obscures all but the hint
of an outline of hills
behind the olive trees
then burns off and lets
the sun come through

the fog is gone now
as it always is by this time

I can clearly see the field
and the hills with their foliage
but the crystal clear air
is chilled and filled with random
drops of condensation
and the sky is still grey
I've photographed the grove
and the hills behind
in as many different lights as I could
and I've stood or sat
just looking from the deck
to lock the various shades of light
and the olive trees
with the shivering silver
of their green leaves
inside my mind so that later
when I look I can see
what the photo doesn't show

it's grey this morning
a quiet calming peaceful grey
the quail
still walk along the edge of the yard
and through the bushes
behind the garden
the roses still stretch
up from the porch
as if pointing at the sky
where yesterday I saw
an eagle and three hawks
and last night
as I did the night before
I saw
through the front room window
two stars
rising above the eastern horizon
to shine brightly
through the distant trees


  1. Typical coast morning in that area. When Indian summer comes that will go away for a couple of months. Enjoy your visit.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. Stars! Hawks! (Mental) Action!!


    Love ya, Grandpa. Enjoy

    Comfort Spiral

  3. Sounds like such an ethereal spot. ((sigh))

  4. It's good to meet you, Grandpa/hubby of Sandy. Excellent poem. I love the sound of your holiday place. Enjoy and be blessed. Jo (South Africa)

  5. Visiting from Sandy's... Love the imagery and tone of this poem. Beautifully done!

  6. Very nice poem, great description of nature, a beautifull one, and also a calm soothing feeling that comes from the descriptive sentence and wors. Worm feelings you left in myself with your post.

  7. I loved this poem - it's a great painting of a mood and a place and a relationship. (second breakfasts, I think, are the best to share)