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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leaving Eden but Still Drifting

We close the gates behind us
today at noon .
Our travels aren't over.
Travels that took us
the last few days to Fairfax,
but always returned us to Sebastapol,
to the double wooden gates
at the end of a graveled lane
that open onto Eden.

Last night after the Sonoma County Fair,
we ate dinner in an Italian restaurant
at Railroad Square in Santa Rosa.
Today we'll have lunch
with my son and his family
to say goodbye
and to be with
our youngest granddaughter
one more time before driving to Jenner
on the coast and up Route 1 to Timber Cove
to an inn that sits on a cliff above the ocean.

When we get back to Atlanta,
I'll paint what I've seen
and let Eden infuse my days.

The house we've been staying in is at the end of a gravel lane. The property backs up to a state park, and there is a vineyard bordering the north side of the property. The land has an olive grove that the owners harvest to make their own olive oil each year. There are apple trees, peach trees, pear and plum trees, fig trees, walnut trees, and one lemon tree. The grounds are surrounded by blackberry bushes with the most lush blackberries I've ever tasted. There are flower gardens, rose trellises, a vegetable garden surrounded by huge lavender and rosemary bushes. Aside from Hawaii, it is the most Eden like setting I have ever been in. And everywhere you drive, it is more of the same.

This has been a time to just let go of schedules, of deadlines, of angst over whether or not we are doing the right things with our lives or over why we aren't doing the things we know we should be doing. It's been a good week, and there are a few days left, and I intend to enjoy them.


  1. Sounds absolutely lovely G, glad ya'll got away and had a peaceful time :-)

  2. You make me yearn to be in that part of the world. Love, love , love it over there.

    You might want to link up your travels on my thursday travel fun links.

  3. For all California is not, you have indeed found one of the best places to be. I so love that area. Sounds like your lodging was five-star. Excellent.

    Have a terrific rest of your trip. It's been fun to go along with you. :)

  4. Edenic indeed my deserving friend!!

    Aloha, you California Dreamer-

    Comfort Spiral

  5. Oh it sounds absolutely idyllic. I look forward to seeing/hearing more through your paintings and prose. Thanks for caring so beautifully for Sandy. You are a special gentleman. Have a safe and blessed trip home. Jo (South Africa)