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Monday, July 27, 2009

Still adrift in California

dancing before breakfast
and then the farmer's market in Sebastapol
coming away with fresh caught wild salmon
and baskets of tomatoes
eggs benedict market style for lunch
market style=no ham or bacon
spinach with sundried tomato pesto instead
then a visit to screaming mimi's ice cream
the hottest spot in town
for a taste of local strawberries
an afternoon of photos
and a set of new acrylic paints
red headed woodpecker in the tree outside the window
that evening planked honey mustard salmon
and roasted corn on the cob
home made pesto and summer squash
market tomatoes
and ice cream with
the sweetest blackberries I've ever tasted
all made sweeter by family
summer in Sonoma County


  1. You are in a very lovely area of California. Enjoy. I'm about 2.5 hours from you.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. My younger sister lived in Bolinas in the seventies. Loved visiting her. Wonderful memeories of that time and place.

    Older sister lived in Sonoma county when her daughter went to Sonoma State. Visited there and fell so in love I thought if I moved back to California, that would be where I landed. Maybe a little guest house in the middle of a vineyard. fun dream.

  3. Oh man, that post is making me hungry! Even though the words are simple, I can see the good so vividly. My mouth is still watering.

    Enjoy your visit with family! I was just in California - LA area. Sonoma country sounds beautiful and alot less like a desert.

  4. Nice poem
    I used to live in california too, and it was great, we went arround farms buying vegetables and looking at the scenary

  5. I lived in San Rafael just before I moved to India....lovely part of the world you're in Grandpa...