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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Got a moment?

If you haven't done so already, you really ought to treat yourself and and take the time to read Bee's post (of Bee Drunken) on the Chronophage.

And while we're talking about time, I often wonder where people need to be so urgently after a movie ends. If the movie's been good, I like hearing the finale while I read the credits. It makes the experience last. Here's the credits for Bladerunner.


  1. Good point. It is like teaching a class. Once the students realize the end of the class period is approaching or know you are winding up (your most incredible lecture! heh!!) they start to put away their books and get ready to rush out the door.

    I remember once when I worked in a high school the principal (is that a proper noun??) told me not to stand in front of the door of a classroom when the bell went off! Heh!! The door would fly open and out would come this mass of humanity!

    As for movies, I, too, like to watch the credits at the end and would love to just sit and think about what I had just seen. Often the whole movie comes together in the last moments and, as I am fairly slow, I need time to digest what I have seen and heard and put the pieces together.

    But, like the rest of the herd, I get up - so as to not be trampled more than necessary - and get pushed along toward the exits.

    Take care!

  2. Hey, Russell. Having taught for twenty years, I certainly know that feeling of what happens at the end of class. And I share your need to digest what I just saw in a movie.

    But I don't get up with the rest of the crowd. The problem with that is I get all these dirty looks form the movie theater's staff when they come in to clean the theater. But I just let them sweep around me.

  3. Good post, Grandpa. And those credits: who'd miss 'em (I think I did the first time :). 4 mins is a long credit...

    But missing them means you don't get to see this:

    "Based on the novel 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.'"

    Somehow I don't think the movie would have achieved the cult status it did with a name like that :)

  4. I like to know where movies were filmed and want to see all the credits anyway. I sit and watch them, but others block my view as they amble toward the aisle.

    When I taught, I didn't have to look at the clock to know when class was almost over because students prepared to leave. Ah yes!

  5. I must respectfully disagree, Braja. Androids and electric sheep? Think about it.

  6. Hi, Joy. Besides trying to know who all the actors are, I want to know what the songs I've been listening to are. Fortunately, that comes at the end of the credits. :0)

    Those of us who've taught know exactly what you are talking about.

  7. Thanks for the link, I will take a look. I agree about the credits after a movie. I always wait for them to run their course, not only for the info but every now and again there might be more film footage at the end.

  8. Those out takes at the end are what makes it worth hanging in there for the credit.

  9. Yes, Grandpa! I too like to savor the last sweet taste of a movie reality that I have enjoyed, listen to the musical choices, see the credits, wait for the crowd to thin out a bit......Movie openings are a special fetish of mine. (Look, Ben Nye again! Cedrick Gibbons! and the ever-popular bit-player who becomes a huge star (Cary Grant as the chauffer in a Mae West movie . . . . You got me going Today! Chronophage, the "Time Eater" as in "Time waster?" interesting! Aloha-

  10. Yes! the music credits!
    Final scenes, exactly.
    "DIGEST" perfect word for what we're really talking about.

  11. I always watch the ending credits (unless the diet coke I consumed is calling me to the restroom). I like to know where the movie was filmed, who did the music, was there a book, etc. And at my age, I need to check actors names. My memory used to be wonderful, but no more (:

    But I'm a strange ranger. I LOVE to read footnotes in a book or journal article.

  12. I agree with you, Willow. I would even say "fabulous." Is that still a word that has meaning?

    Cloudia, I love the way you read the posts AND comments on my blog. Thank you. And I'm glad you enjoyed them.

    When the movie's over and I look around and see other people after the credits run --- It's your soul I'm seeing there.

  13. Gran, I can't let a footnote go. And I have no doubts you stay for the credits. It is nice not to be the only person in the theater.

  14. You know a movie was good when people stay in their seats as the credits roll. It's almost as if they don't want the movie to end. I like to stay in my seat and savor the moment, so I usually try to pick a seat that will be away from the mob exit.

    Also, I usually still have some popcorn to finish. :-)

  15. Thank you so much for the nice write-up! It is exciting to find new friendly linkage.

    As for the credits, I always stay until the end. Usually, I hate for the spell to be broken -- plus, they often put "extras," or bits of cleverness, into the credits. I read footnotes, too.

  16. Hi, Jo. One advantage of stadium seating in a theater is that when people are leaving, they don't totally block your view. Sometimes I look around when the credits end and see a half dozen people still there. But often, I'm the only one.

    Hi, Bee. I really enjoyed your post on time. And I agree totally with you that those little extras that are sometimes put into the credits are well worth looking for.

  17. My boss and I were just talking about how even if you aren't a science fiction fan, Blade Runner and Logan's Run are two definite musts.

  18. I couldn'r agree more, KMcJ. But you also have to add Tank Girl and Twelve Monkeys to that list. Still, though, Blade Runner tops them all.