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Friday, December 12, 2008

This was supposed to be in my Spotlight over there in the sidebar==>.

But Google blogger is causing me all kinds of problems tonight. It keeps kicking me out of the URL I want and says it wasn't found on this server. BUT! It was there before you kicked me off to the error page. SO SOMETHING FOUND IT.

Okay. It was a long day. I edited a particularly hard article that the writer could have made a lot easier. So I'll calm down. Beacuse I do want you to see Braja's post. This is where it is. (Click through for the comments on your own.) If you have trouble keeping it on your screen when you get there, let me know. It means we have to tell Braja somehow. Did anybody copy down her phone number?

As far as the spotlight goes, being a starving artist myself (Thank God S has a job!) Book Boost deserves to stay there a few more days.


  1. I was having trouble with Google this morning. I guess it's your turn. Frustrating has heck it is too.

    Have a great evening. :)

  2. Well I can't access Braja's post right now. Ugh. What's up with Blogger?

  3. Oh, you actually have Braja as a tag! I might need to make one of those, too. That woman is a magnet for good things. :)

  4. Well, blush :) Why thank you sir.

    If you hit my email with your address, a little Xmas blog love is coming your way....