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Saturday, December 6, 2008

When it's good, it's good

I have been known to criticize sports writing. But I found this lead this morning in an article about today's ACC championship game between Boston College and Virginia Tech, and when a sports writer does it right. . .

Only the baldest of Eagles remember the last time Boston College's football team played in Miami in January. The Orange Bowl was a consolation prize for a perfect 1942 season that was wrecked by Holy Cross, dashing hopes of a second national championship in three years. This time, getting there would be validation for a program that hasn't played in a major postseason contest since Doug Flutie hailed Mary 24 years ago and BC was full of grace.

Now that's a good lead.

The article was by John Powers of the Boston Globe. If you want to read the rest of the article (though the lead was the best part, unless you're a BC fan) you can find it here.

Also, check out the spotlight post. It's one of Braja's. And when you get there, be sure you click on the link for the photos.


  1. Oh, too kind, Grandpa, too kind :) (Curtsey and blush :)

  2. I left you a treat in my sidebar for that little shoutout...thank you :)

  3. Blushing's not necessary, Braja.
    ;0) And thanks for the treat, It is a real honor.

  4. I'm no sports fan, but that is good writing. I hate him. Just kidding. And I hope everyone reads Braja's post, and looks at the pictures (amazing).

  5. A well written lead IS a thing of beauty, Granpa! Aloha-

  6. I just love new followers! Wait...is that a quote from Jim Jones? Hmmm...anyway I was evenmore excited to know I have a bonafide wordsmith follower!!! But, does this mean I have to start proof reading? ;)

  7. Hi, Temple. There's no need to proofread. Just don't try serving any Kool Aid. ;0)