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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back to business Monday

I promise. I'll get back to posting about words and the way they're used on Monday. But for now...

We won! We beat Michigan for the fifth year in a row! That's never been done before.

We don't go to the Rose Bowl, but it's not that we didn't do what we needed to this week. (Sorry, but all Buckeye fans use the first person when we talk about the team. See I'm talking about the use of words already.) And good for Penn State. The Buckeyes will get a good bowl invitation. Probably a BCS one. Not as good as the Rose Bowl. But Penn State deserves it. They beat the Buckeyes in a close game. So, good for Joe Pa. Hope you get USC, and I hope you beat them.

In the meantime, we just have to wait to see where Ohio State is going. So tonight, we celebrate our win over Michigan and our unprecedented fourth Big Ten title in a row (although it is shared). Go Bucks!


  1. You are generous to Joe Pa, a credit to your Buckeyes!
    Good for you! Aloha-

  2. My mom attended OSU as a geology major in the 60's and early 70's. She's still a diehard Bucks fan.

  3. I may have had a class with your mom. We are all die hard fans.

  4. OK OK! Congratulations, or whatever it is you say when a football team wins. (It is a football team, right?)

  5. It is a football team, and congratualtions works. So does OK OK! ;0)