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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Signs of the time

There's a dry cleaning shop down the road from us that has hit on the perfect advertising slogan and put it on two signs out front as well as painted it on the window:
Non Toxic Cleaning

That is definitely going to keep me out of all the competing establishments. It also explains what happened to a blue blazer I had dry cleaned a while back.


  1. Ha! I would take my business there also.

  2. What about the lunchbox dessert that proclaims on the package "contains real ingredients!"

  3. Wonder if it's the same price as the "toxic cleaning"?
    Because if the non-toxic is competitively priced, I would definitely choose "non-toxic".

  4. I could do with a little less of the toxic in my life too Grandpa....

  5. Yes! A compelling message. The Hawaii Superferry hit on a good one also. (With flying such a pain) "Come as you are - go as you please."
    WOW! Aloha Grandpa-

  6. So where do I go when I need my toxic cleaned?


    Peace - Rene
    Hope you had a nice Turkey day!

  7. I'm with Pearl...if it's going to cost the same or less than toxic, they've got my business.

    BTW, I loved your story about taking Friday off. Well done, Grandpa.

  8. So, they will clean everything BUT toxic off your clothes eh?