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Monday, November 17, 2008

Please watch and then share

I found this video posted by Electric Barbarella at Hooker with a Heart of Guile. It's one way the language should be used. I wanted to share it. I hope you do too.


  1. I voted no on this. I live in California. Have a great day. :)

  2. Keith does tend to get a little dramatic at times.:) But I will cut him some slack, here. Well said, Keith.

    Thanks grandpa

    Peace -Rene

  3. Keith does it well. He does get of wound up! I'm going to share this. Thanks, Grandpa.

  4. You live in a country I often don't understand.
    So full of hope and injustice at the same time. So educated and uneducated (in a european sense of the term), so heavily influenced by the religious beliefs of some, while proning the same freedoms for all.
    Keith is right: How could it matter to anyone if gay couples marry ? It doesn't matter to most people when a husband beats his wife and that kind of relations is maybe the one we should be worrying about.

    It often makes me very angry to read about what's going on in your country.
    And still the United States of America are fascinating.

    ps: Don't be angry or offended at what I wrote. It's just my opinion.

  5. Julia, I see no reason to be angry or offended at what you said. America is a paradox, and your observations go right to the heart of what Americans need to struggle with constantly.

  6. *sigh of relief*

    Did you see the movie 'Jesus Camp' ?

  7. No I haven't seen it. I have to admit, the subject sounds scary. Living your faith is not bad. Using it to discriminate and control is destructive. But I can't fairly criticize the film or the movement without having seen it.

  8. Scary is the word. You like words, so maybe you shouldn't watch what some people do with them. On the other hand, you already know the power they hold, I guess.

  9. Gay marriage is legal in Canada. In addition to that, we have universal health care and legalized marijuana for people who require it for medicinal purposes. Our health care is amongst the best in the world, and we have Nobel prize winners in medicine, including in the city and hospital where I work.

    Canada also has extremely inexpensive tuition for university and other advanced education.

    My question is, if other countries have all these things, and more, why does American keep billing itself as the greatest nation on earth?

    I was gobsmacked when I heard what had happened in California.

    Why is it that almost everything that is done in the name of religion always ends up being so unChristian? I have never been able to understand that.

  10. Julia, you are so right about Americans! Yikes, that's me :)

  11. Nor have I, Jo. We Americans keep calling ourselves the greatest country in the world so we don't think about the good things we don't have or the good things we don't do. Because if we are the greatest country (and belief follows saying) then those things must not matter.